My Journey
Living with a Brain Tumor

"The Important Stuff"
Celebrating our son's 19th birthday
during his visit home from college

Chapter 12

by Sandra Beardsley

May 10, 2002

I have been lazy about updating my website. I should feel guilty but I have been too busy living my life. I am not a computer person but this experience has made me appreciate the tool. I am so very thankful that my site has helped someone. I have received e-mails from people who have cancer, who are waiting for a diagnosis, or who have a loved one who is ill. Thank you for your words.

I have good news to share... or as Lance Armstrong would probably say "I have great news!" I recently went to see my neurosurgeon and have my six month MRI. I was expecting the worst as there had been confusion whether the tumor was growing at my last MRI. I was ready. I had my pockets stuffed with kleenex and my husband by my side. (So much for positive thinking!) After the MRI we met with the doctor and hovered over his shoulder as he looked and compared my MRI's on the computer screen. He explained what he saw and said not only had the tumor not grown, but it also looked less white on the MRI. This can indicate that the tumor is less active. It looked quite different. This was quite a surprise and may be a late result of the radiation (or prayers!) This does not mean the tumor won't get up and dance at any time but until then I am going to be happy. Needless to say we were very happy about this and I had to ask my doctor to verify that it was good news. He was happy to give some good news for a change. My husband and I floated to the receptionist to make our next appointment , giddy with the news. God sent us a message of hope that day, when I especially needed it. The receptionists nametag was pinned boldly to her chest, it read JOY.

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