My Journey
Living with a Brain Tumor

In Hawaii, July 2002

Chapter 13

by Sandra Beardsley

August 2002

I just received a copy of Color Me Hope: A Resource Guide for People Affected by Brain Tumors. It is a great booklet put out by the Brain Tumor Society. You can easily order one for yourself or a loved one by calling 800-770-8287. I plan on making sure this resource guide is shared with as many healthcare professionals, patients and family members as possible. It would have helped me to have the information at the time I was diagnosed. Instead I read anything I could find about cancer. These books were helpful too but I would have felt less alone had I known there was more literature about my specific problem.

Color Me Hope has information on all aspects of Brain tumors and what patients and family members need to know. you can also ask for a Brain Tumor Book list, Heads Up Newsletter, Fact Sheet on Fatigue, Support Group Leadership Packet, or TBTS Agency Brochure. Their website is: Their website is: Their email is

And yours truly is featured in many of the photos. (Eat your Heart out Christie Brinkley!) Who Knew! I am now a famous model. And my mom even wants a copy. There are many pictures taken from this website. I guess it is hard to find people who take pictures of their bald heads. Go figure. I say embrace your beautiful baldness and scars!

Summer has flown by and I’ll soon be back teaching part time. In July my husband and I had a “Dream Come True” vacation. We spent 2 weeks in Hawaii. It was a dream vacation because we were visiting our son, Cameron, who is a student at the University of Hawaii. (Go Warriors!). That in itself is a dream and would never have happened but for the blessings of God (and a football scholarship). This was our first time to visit him and it had been 6 months since we’d seen each other. I had been visualizing this for quite awhile, or a dream like it. Keep dreaming and keep believing! You might just have your dream come true too!

E hiamoe maika’i ( Hawaiian for Sleep well)


In Hawaii, July 2002


Outrigger canoe racers


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